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Two Rules and some organizational items

Dear MTN School families,

I am quite ready to begin our session. This weekend I will spend Friday through Monday storing and organizing materials in our classrooms, shuttling vehicles and trailers to Two Rivers Community School, meeting parents of kids with important health considerations, orienting new employees...

I wanted to send a quick post, and will communicate regularly this way.

Rule #1

We will not eat on the newly cleaned and sanitized buses. Health concerns and maintenance of our living/driving spaces are the reasons here. I will teach the kids our process for stowing backpacks. Kids who eat on the bus will not attend their next session. Zero tolerance.

Rule #2

We will expedite our pick up and drop off times between 8AM and 8:15AM and 4:30PM and 5:00PM. Please understand my intention is to move 25-30 families through the TRCS parking lot. Our staff will help load bikes as needed. Please plan to pull up along the curve of the sidewalk access. Please text us to sign kids in and out each day. This will constitute a required written record, and it will help us get your kids ready a minute early if you are able to communicate safely as you are leaving work.

Other things on my mind as we get started:

It's time to focus attention on our students. Please take care of any remaining payments or scheduling items as soon as possible. It won't work to consider these things around pickup and dropoff. I will, however, have a stack of printed Admission Forms in case you have not yet returned those to me electronically.

Please share vaccination records on or before day one. Please have your student write a list of songs for the playlist. This is just for fun, but it will be great to have them writing, thinking ahead, and not requesting music when drivers are focused on the road. Don't forget to re-read the gear list, and please do point out other items that will be helpful for our groups.

More HW assignments from Moose will be coming :)

More prizes for kids who stay engaged and stay in touch with composed thoughts :)

First Playlist with at least 10 written Artist/Song selections wins a super cool headlamp :)

Hasta Martes, Amigos!!

Mr. Canady


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