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Upcoming dates and gear list

What a great Summer for these happy campers! We have been talking and asking kids how to close this Summer out:

  1. Please come to the Bogan Flats Group camping site with us 7/31 through 8/2. It would be ideal if we could suspend day camp, but please write to say if your student MUST hold a Teacher back from our last overnighter. Let's go all in!

  2. Bikes this week! Even short rides for small groups have been a good, safe hit. Youngest riders may choose not to ride.

  3. PFDs please. We will plan to float and cool off at Veltus Park and in lifeguarded pools in Glenwood Canyon.

  4. MTN School Play! We are nearly ready to present and film our production: The War of the Roses wnd Mushrooms. Dates are 7/28 and 8/3. Dropoff and 4:30 PM

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