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Yurt Day

We had an 8-part relay to start. The kids named it “The Ultimate Ultimate Relay of Double Racing of Champions.” Highlights included a huge easy Math equation and the memorization of “This Land is my Land this Land is your Land” by Woody Guthrie. Quick History Lesson on Dust Bowl, Great Depression and the resilience of the American Spirit, especially during challenging times. Hayden Roff and Hayden Everett won 1st Place and took the first aid kit prizes.

Art time was long and peaceful. Claude Debussy music.

Ellis Gilley flew many accurate shots under the watchful eyes of Shane Heater. Photo credit Rustyn Randolph.

Zero arrows lost!

Screen printing freshies! Kids are inspired to keep working on their designs. They will have to be great to be set up on their own screens. Business plans are flowing.

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